*Front -office 24 / 7 open 
*Breakfast 07.00-10.00.Breakfast products consumed only in restaurant. For Restaurant hour ask Reception please.*Check-in 14.00.Check-out 10.00*After 10.00 up to 19.00 hotel will charge 60 % of one night accommodation*After 19.00, one night tariff charged
*Reservations are guaranteed until 18:00*Guests must call or write Hotel for announcing late arrival or reservation can be cancelled.*All reservations with contact error are considered void and the room is free for sale (wrong phone or e-mail)*Payment:cash,VISA,MASTERCARD,MAESTRO
*PARKING is based on availability,For  reserved  parking spot fee apply.
*Children up to 12 years old are accomodated free in existing beds.Cribs are offered free of charge.
* Non Smoking Property
*Hotel do not assume responsability for lost items not stored into safe *Safe key -ask Reception*Valuable items have to be declared at check-in *Found in room items are stored 24 hours after departure then being considered recyclable and thrown away
*Any complaints about room are accepted within 15 minutes after check-in then being tendentious.
Food Room Service 25 lei.Free Drinks Room Service 24/7.

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